015 Finding a Way In


The comic entry did not make the long list for the publisher competition, but I am looking forward to preparing an entry for next year! I have previously not paid much attention to background and instead focused on drawing the characters but preparing my entry has taught me to focus on each panel and make each one matter.

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014 The Bakery

The Bakery 014

Redrawn for the competition entry this is the format the strip will have for the book format.


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I have been redrawing the first comics and more from the story of Pixel and Figment for a comic book competition.

It has been lovely to redraw some of the panels and to follow a more consistent layout. 🙂

Wish me luck x

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Amazon Sale

My friend has illustrated some brilliant guinea pig children’s story books and care guides.

All profits go to helping little piggies in need!

Parsley Pig and Friends

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to let you know that ALL the story books in the series ‘The Adventures of Parsley Pig and Friends’ are currently on sale at reduced prices on Amazon.com. Some of them are also on sale at reduced prices at Amazon.co.uk, too.Who knows how long this sale will last (not me, that’s for sure) so if you’re thinking of buying them, now is the time!!

Never fear though, my Two Feet still gets the same royalties, so she’ll still be able to pass some of the profits on to rescues 🙂

Happy reading x

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Unfinished : Bakery


A work in progress, trying out different perspectives for the next panels.


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013 Do You Know How To Fly This Thing?



I think scanning the images is an improvement over photographing them using my phone. I smiled when I saw this picture on my computer 🙂

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Scribble the Guinea Pig


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2013 Merry Christmas




Thank you all for your support as I have found my feet in beginning Rumblestrut (web) Comic. I am now armed with a scanner and a little-black-book full of ideas that I hope to share in 2014.

Have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow and I wish you all a fantastic New Year.

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012 Friends in the Sky




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011 Up, Up and Away


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